What does Parents say about Us?

  • Mrs J Gilbert
    Eva was one of the music staff teaching violin in our school. She is a very dedicated and calm teacher and is equally a competent violist as she has played at many of our school concerts. I personally have witnessed children change from amateurs to confident musicians. She is well connected with musicians and trains children for exams producing great results
    Mrs J Gilbert
  • Saria Jones
    Eva taught my daughter violin from beginners stage to her current grade 3. Eva has been extremely patient in teaching and it is excellent that she was able to coach for the exams which also included aspects that are not actually on the violin . This meant that I did not need another tutor which was a great relief to me.  She arranged accompanists and rehearsal and it was seamless. Eva is very professional and cares about the results her students produce. She has given a lot of extra classes when approaching exams or concerts and this is so rare to find in teachers. Thank you so much Eva.
    Saria Jones
  • Christopher Neilson
    Eva is very knowledgeable on the different 11+ exam syllabus’ and is very savvy with the key stages in the education system. She is armed with a vast amount of resources which had helped both my children consistently perform well at school and helped us as parents decide the best academic route for them. She is very passionate about teaching and is keen to see the child succeed and is able to give so much advice on how to continue the learning at outside the classes.  I would certainly recommend her to any parent.
    Christopher Neilson
  • Kevin Patterson
    We were preparing for the 11+ exams when we came across Eva. Leaving our child’s learning with her was one of the best decisions we have made. Our child became an independent learner and totally self motivated. Eva was able to created a desire to succeed and This was an amazing result. I would recommend her to any parent who is seeking a professional and caring tutor.
    Kevin Patterson
  • R Bailey
    My son is preparing for 7+ and with the help of tutoring, consistently performs well average the class average. Eva teaches concepts ahead of school syllabus and with her guidance he is able to grasp this. I’m confident that we have given him the best chance of success by turning to Eva
    R Bailey